Since 2022 all therapies are reimbursed through Dutch insurance (if you are a Dutch state citizen or have an employment contract of at least 16 hours per week and have Dutch insurance)

Welcome to the website of my psychology and psychotherapy practice.

I can be of service with a diverse range of recurring, persisting emotional problems, which could take the form of anxiety, fear, sadness, anger, mourning, shame, or guilt. I will work together with you to find the cause of these difficult feelings. Often there is a possibility to process underlying feeling, after which symptoms will significantly reduce or dissipate.

Have a look at the different pages of my website to get a sense of me and what I have to offer. If this speaks to you I would gladly hear from you by e-mail. We can then plan a free and unconditional initial interview, over phone or in my office.

There is currently no waiting time/list. Treatments can commence within one week.